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New JLI Course "Biblical Reflections"

New JLI Course "Biblical Reflections"

Check out our latest JLI Course "Biblical Reflections" which begins on May 6th in Sudbury. Click here for more info


Passover Report 2009

Passover Seders

The first part of Passover was marked by our largest Seder’s to date with dozens of guests participating in our community Seders. The event drew together young and old and the joyful sounds of singing adults and kids playing added to the homely warm atmosphere that marked the evening. A special thanks to all of the Seder guests who joined us and we look forward to seeing you at our Seder next year in Jerusalem.

Passover Seder in the Wingate

Close to 40 family members and residents of the Wingate of Sudbury joined together with the Chabad Center of Sudbury for a delightful and meaningful Seder experience this past Thursday afternoon. The event included a Seder, traditional Passover songs and tunes, and many other g… Read More »

A Survivor on Schindler's List

Holocaust Train Edited.jpg 

Rena Finder a local holocaust survivor will be delivering a lecture entitled "A Survivor on Schindler's List" at the Chabad Center of Sudbury recounting her dramatic story of escape and survival from the clutches of the Nazis. Rena a resident of Framingham was just a youngster living in Krakow, Poland when the war broke out, and once the Nazis occupied Poland she became part of the Krakow ghetto, and eventually was transported to the Auschwitz death camp. However, she, her mother, and many other Jews were saved from the gas chambers by the German industrialist, Oscar Schindler, whose story is depicted in Steven Spielberg's film, "Schindler's List." Rena is one of those survivors and is known as a pa… Read More »

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