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Mazal Tov

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We would like to extend a big Mazal Tov to Mrs. Marilyn Moffie who celebrated her Bat Mitzvah this week. The Bat Mitzvah was unique in that Mrs. Moffie is no 12 year old bur rather a mother and a grandmother for many years. Thus the ceremony and celebration were quite touching and moving for all those who attended.

We wish Marilyn, and her children Gary & Nancy lots of Mazal and Nachas and may they always have good health and happy occassions to celebrate.


Can you sponsor some prayer books in honor of someone or in memory of a loved one?

Can you sponsor some prayer books in honor of someone or in memory of a loved one?

The Chabad Center of Sudbury is in need of 25 more Siddurim Prayer Books for the center. On more than a few occasions lately we did not have enough prayer books for the crowd and we are looking for sponsors of Siddurim.

Do you have someone you would like to dedicate a Siddur in memory of, or do you have an upcoming Simcha or celebration in your family? Please consider sponsoring several or individual prayer books in honor of your special occasion. The cost per prayer book is $30… Read More »

Brunch with the Scribe - Dec 6th

Brunch with the Scribe - Dec 6th

Scribe.jpgJoin us on Sunday morning Dec 6th for a Brunch with the Scribe. 9:00AM optional Morning services and at 10:00am we will have a brunch with scribe for a presentation and Q & A session on traditional scribal writing.


We will also watch and help the scribe complete a beautiful hand written Mezuzah Scroll which will then be raffled off along with a beautiful case.


There is no cost for particpating in the Brunch with the Scribe but you can purchase raffle tickets at $10 for one, two for $18, and 5 for $36 to help support the Chabad Center. You don't have to be present to particpate in the raffle. For more info or to RSVP please email info@chabadsudbury.com or call… Read More »

Photos of Women's Night Out

Pictures of Exciting Women's Night Out

 Challah Baking Evening 017.JPG

Last night local ladies enjoyed a great Women'sNight Out featuring a great Challah Baking Session and an informative interactive discussion. To view pictures of the event click here.

The program was part of the Women's Circle of Events which are planned for the year.


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Two more events & Save the date!

New Exciting Course from Sudbury's JLI for Teen's starting this Sunday!


New Exciting Course from Sudbury's JLI for Teen's starting this Sunday!

Do you have a teen? Or are you a Teen? Are you looking for something Young, Jewish & Smart? Check out our JLI for Teen's great new course "My Space Your Space" which will be launching in Sudbury next week on Sunday Nov 1st.


Suicide, Self Harm, Should I save his life, and lots more great real life scenarios will be debated in this great course.


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New Exciting Course from Sudbury's JLI begins this week

New Exciting Course from Sudbury's JLI begins this week

Join us for our new great six week course  Soulquest: which begins this coming Tuesday in Sudbury.

This new six week course from the JLI deals with all the questions you always wanted to know but never knew who to ask. Do Jews believe in reincarnation? Where was my soul before? Where will it go after? 

Check out www.soulquestion.com to watch the course trailer. We'll be teaching this course on six Tuesday evenings, starting Nov. 3rd.

Looking forward to seeing you… Read More »

Sudbury in the News

Dear Friends,


This has been a dramatic week for Sudbury with the arrest of a suspected terrorist right in our own backyard. Obviously everyone in our town is in shock from this event, but at the same time we have been reassured by the law enforcement authorities that this is a closed chapter and we can move forward without worry. 


This event serves as reminder for the need to to be sensitive to security and safety issues and to be prudent and responsible at all times.


Fall Reflections


On another note you can read an article entitled Fall Reflections over here which was also featured in the Sudbury Town Crier and the Lincoln Journal. Feel free to share your comments and ideas.

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Fall Reflections

Fall Reflections


The mid-October snow flurries of the last few days, combined with the stunning display of change in color in the local foliage, are a reminder that yet again the rich New England fall has arrived.  Whichever way we turn, there is an amazing array of beautiful colors and the natural landscapes that surround our towns look like master pieces of art.


As the fall weather proceeds unabated, in just a few short weeks many trees will be desolate of their leaves and the landscape will seem barren and lifeless.  In a sense, it may appear that the world around us is bereft of life, as the frigid and barren countryside all around.


Yet, what meets the eye is not always what is truly… Read More »

Two Great Stories heard at our Chabad Center

Two Great Stories heard at Chabad of Sudbury from local residents

1. On Yom Kippur a lady come over to me after the Kol Nidrei Service to tell me how she remembers in the 2nd World War her father covered her with a big coat to hide her yellow star and she went secretly to a small house in Budapest to join in a small Kol Nidrei Service. She knew she was risking her life but she knew it was so important for her to be there and mark Yom Kippur with other Jewish people. She also told me that she never misses Kol Nidrei each year due to this special powerful memory of hers from Kol Nidrei under the Nazi’s in Budapest, Hungary.

2. While I was speaking at the Kiddush on Simchat Torah about people having… Read More »

Month of Tishrei Report

Below is a brief report on the activities of the last few weeks and a few local stories so that you can see what your support is helping us accomplish in this town and community. Your support is a part of every Neshoma that is touched through this work.

1.       Jewish New Year Fair - Just two weeks before Rosh Hashanah we had a very successful Jewish New Year Fair which featured a Shofar Factory, a petting zoo, Challah Baking, arts and crafts and more. Here are some photos of this amazing event which drew in many families and several first timers to Chabad.

2.       Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur Services – This year marked our biggest year yet of High Holiday Services.… Read More »

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