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The latest news at the Chabad Center of Sudbury

Inauguration of new Chabad Center

Inauguration Event Report

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This past Tuesday January 22nd which coincided with Tu Bshevat, the Inauguration of the new Chabad Center of Sudbury took place. Dozens of friends and supporters joined together for an evening of celebration and entertainment in the new center.

The event began at 7:30pm with Wine & Hors D'oeuvres and other delicious refreshments being served. At 8pm participants were welcomed by associate director of the Chabad Center Mrs. Shayna Freeman, and then together everyone made the blessing of Shechiyanu on a new fruit to celebrate Tu Bshvat.

Mr. Sol Cohen of Sudbury, MA was then introduced, who proceeded to talk… Read More »

1st Shabbat Service in new location

This past Shabbat marked our first Shabbat morning service in our new location. Participants enjoyed an enjoyable Shabbat morning Service, a discussion and reading of the weekly Torah Portion and a light Kiddush.

We are planning on holding weekly services with a big one at least once a month. This week we will begin Shabbat morning services at 10am. Please contact us for more information.

In addition we are looking for a sponsor for our Kiddush for our next big Shabbat Service on February 2nd. A Kiddush sponsorship is $75 for a small Kiddush and $180 for a larger Kiddush. Dedicate it in honor of a friend, birthday or in memory of a loved one. Let us… Read More »

Update on happenings

Dear Friends

We are very excited about the recent opening of our new center in the heart of Sudbury. We have already started using our new location for Hebrew School, Adult Education Classes, Chabad Offices, and Shabbat Services.

We have some exciting plans for the new location beginning with our Inaugural Open Evening on Tuesday January 22nd. We have also been expanding our Adult Education Classes & Courses which now include a weekly Torah Studies class as well as our next JLI course Beyond Belief which begins soon. We are beginning a new program for Moms and Toddlers called Story & Craft Hour which will be running every other week, in addition we have three new exciting evenings planned for Ladies. So… Read More »

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