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Update on new Center & Pictures

Check out some of the pictures of the way our new center currently looks as it undergoes renovations. This week it will be repainted by Adam Miller and recarpeted by Only Flooring of Sudbury. We are about to order furniture and other items for the new center. We welcome your ideas, input or donations.







The exterior of the building where the new center will be.







Part of the main room







From another angle

Check back in a few days for more updates

News at our center through October 2007

Breaking News "New location for our Center"  

New location in the heart of Sudbury

The Chabad Center of Sudbury has just finalized of a lease for a new location in the heart of Sudbury. We are extremely excited about this and believe it will help the Chabad Center of Sudbury grow by leaps and bounds. The new location contains 1 large 600 square foot room and three smaller rooms which will be used as classrooms, office, and a library / children's activity room.

There are some minor renovations that we will be conducting before we move in such as new carpeting, some general shaping up and the removal of a divider in the large room. We will be keeping you informed of these… Read More »

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