Yom Kippur Request

Dear Friend,

Judaism and all the good that it represents is flourishing and making an impact on so many in the Sudbury area. Today on the eve of Yom Kippur during these pandemic times, we turn to you and ask you to consider making an extra contribution or becoming a Partner of the Chabad Center of Sudbury and help ensure that we can continue to reach, assist and inspire even more people in the months and years ahead.

Imagine the scene as it repeated itself dozens of times during the peak of the lockdown. We would pull up at someone's door and deliver a Shabbat care package to a young family, a senior living alone, grandparents cut off from their family or a COVID patient in lockdown, and the door would open and the floodgates of tears and emotions would burst forth. The anguished emotions were now combined with the joy and gratefulness of the warmth and touch of care from the community.

Bar Mitzvahs and other life cycle events including births, baby namings, funerals, Zoom Shivas and more all continued, ensuring that people could have a safe and sometimes alternative way of celebrating or having the emotional support they needed during these months. 

Families and vulnerable people have been helped with assistance, food shopping, volunteers, caring phone call partners and more, and the sense of community care has continued and never been as important as during these times.

Classes and services have continued via Zoom when possible or outdoors with socially distant when appropriate. The feeling of being able to connect and go through this together with others has been a source of tremendous support to others, and the meaningful and very inspiring speakers, have helped bring moral and spiritual strength to those who could participate.

There is more to write about the past, but more importantly we need to write about the future and for that we turn to you to help us continue to reach, teach, assist and provide support to as many as possible.

Please take a moment to make an extra one time Yom Kippur donation in the year of this pandemic challenge, or consider becoming a Chabad Sudbury Partner by committing to a monthly or yearly pledge and join dozens of others who do the same each month. Doing so will ensure that the story that the lives that were impacted so far, will be just the beginning of the story.

Thank you to everyone who supports us over the year and to all those that have been able to make an extra High Holidays Contribution during this challenging period. We could not do any of what we do without your kind support, encouragement and friendship

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Rabbi Yisroel & Shayna Freeman
Chabad Center of Sudbury

P.S You are welcome to make the donation in memory of a loved one or in honor of Yizkor over here.


In recent years, Chabad of Sudbury has received several legacy gifts and pledges from those who have chosen to make the growth of this community and the next generation a part of their eternal legacy. If you would like to discuss this further with us, please let us know.

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