Jewish Wall Calendar Fundraiser


How YOU can make a difference and support the work of the Chabad Center of Sudbury

Win 4 Great Red Sox Tickets by Supporting our Calendar Campaign (Details Below) 

The Chabad Center of Sudbury is once again producing a full color Jewish Photo/Art Calendar for the coming Jewish calendar year of 5780 (Sep 2019 - Sep 2020). The beautiful calendar serves as an important fundraiser for the work of the center in the Sudbury area and also provides a great resource to the more than 2000 local homes and businesses who will receive the calendar and enjoy its contents. Even though we live in a digital age, everyone still enjoys having an authentic (Jewish) wall calendar for their home and office. In fact throughout the year we have people requesting new copies for their own homes, friends and family members.

The Chabad Center of Sudbury is a Non-Profit Organization that is 100% supported by the generosity and support of the local community. With the rapid and constant growth of the Chabad Center of Sudbury, your ads, greetings and special occasions are critical to our work and help make a huge difference to our center and the hundreds of individual and families that are touched through the center each year.

There are several ways that you can help out with this fundraiser.

1. Families and individuals: please consider placing your New Year Greetings & Well Wishes or your family and friends Birthdays, Anniversaries, Yahrziets, and other special occasions.

2. Business or Services: If you own a business, please consider placing an Ad or a Greeting from your business.

The Jewish Wall Calendar for the Sudbury area will be customized with local events, programs, advertisements and greetings, and will be mailed and distributed in late August before the Jewish New Year to some two thousand homes and businesses in the Greater Sudbury / Marlborough area.


Personal Greetings Options

For families and individuals please consider supporting the Chabad Center of Sudbury by placing your greetings, and other special dates.

Option 1: New Year Greeting to the Community - $72 (Location: On New Year Greeting Page)

Option 2: Birthday, Yahrziet, Anniversary, Graduation - $36 for the first date & $25 for each additional date (Location: On Calendar Date of your choice (1st come basis))

Option 3: Dedicate an Entire Month of your Choice (if available) in memory of or honor of someone - $360 (Location: On Calendar Page) 

Please fill out the personal greeting attached form to be received no later than August 2nd 2019 if you can do it earlier it would be even more helpful.

Business Options

For Businesses there are several options to choose from where you can advertise your business or place a greeting and the positioning in the calendar works on a first come first serve basis.

Please note that with any ad business card size or higher we will include some internet advertising too on our website or email list.

Ø Business Card - $250 for one. Four or more $235 each (Location: On Calendar Page 3.35 - 2) (#4)

Ø Full month bar - $700 (Location: Bottom of the Calendar Page) (#5)

Ø Double Bottom Page Box - $180 (Location: On Calendar Page 1.375 – 2.750) (#6)

Ø Single Bottom Page Box - $100 (Location: On Calendar Page 1.375 – 1.375) (#7)

Ø Full Page Ad $1000 (Location: On Calendar insert) (#8)

Ø Half Page Ad - $600 (Location: On Calendar insert) (#9)

Ø Quarter Page Ad - $350 (Location: On Calendar insert) (#10)

Ø Back Page Ad - $1000 (Location: On Back of Calendar) (#11)


Businesses please fill out the attached form to be received no later than August 2nd 2019.

For more info please call 978-443-0110 or email

Thank you for your support!

 How to Win 4 Great Red Sox Tickets

Thanks to the offices of CD Katz CPA who have donated 4 great Red Sox Tickets to our Calendar Fundraiser, every ad or greeting in our Calendar will qualify for a raffle in which we will raffle off the Red Sox Tickets.

Four (4) tickets for a Monday thru Thursday night Red Sox Game (except against the Yankees) for some time during the 2019 Regular Season at Fenway Park. These are Grandstand Seats that are only two rows behind the Box Seats, on the third base line, looking down at home plate down the first base line. They are under cover if inclement weather. Section 24, Row 2, seats 7 and 8 and 9 and 10. (Average Single Game Ticket Price for 2019 Season for these tickets is $68 plus handling.)

Also, because these are our Season Tickets, the tickets themselves allow easy entrance and access into the park via the Royal Rooters Club, the private club for Red Sox season ticket holders. 

You will love these seats! Thank you for supporting such a great cause!