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The latest news at the Chabad Center of Sudbury

Camp Gan Israel 2018 off to a great start!

Camp Gan Israel of Sudbury has had an amazing first week so far. Activities have included lots of sports, arts & crafts, food activities and baking, Challah Making, a scavenger hunt at Wholefoods, swimming, bowling, a trip to Urbanair, tons of games and a whole lot more.

The campers are having a truly great time and loving it tremendously!

Special thank you to our dedicated staff and volunteers who are helping make the camp into such a great experience for all of the campers.

Next week the fun will continue and we look forward to welcoming several new campers.

To sign up or for more info please visit www.chabadsudbury.com/camp 

To see some of the pictures of this week's camp activities click on the links below.

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A Royal Visit to Israel

dreamstime_xs_115879788.jpgAs someone who grew up in England, I was gratified to see the first Royal Visit to Israel since 1948, with the visit this week of Prince William this week to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and more. The last time I saw him (at an event in England when I was a child) he was just a young child, and now he seemed to carry the dignity of the Crown in good stead as he represented England so well and also honored Israel and the Jewish people in a very beautiful and dignified manner. Click here for a video of some of his remarks in which he also referenced his Great Great Grandmother who helped save Jews during the Holocaust.

Contrast this with the story of another King and a bunch of princes who we read about this week in the Torah Portion… Read More »

Hebrew School Year End Celebration & Graduation

hsgrad2018.jpgThis past Sunday dozens of Hebrew School students and their family members joined together for a year end celebration and graduation. We are so very proud of all of our Hebrew School Students who successfully completed another great year of learning, our first in our own new center! It was truly a great way to conclude another wonderful year of of learning through the songs that were shared, the unique presentations, the art displays and so much more.

Thank you to all of our amazing staff and volunteers for making it into such a great year! A big thank you to our director Shayna Freeman for directing and running such a great Hebrew School where kids love to learn and be! Thank you to our dedicated volunteer and Hebrew Reading… Read More »

On Turning 40

XCpA7032973.jpgIn this week's Torah Portion we read about G-d deciding to have the Jew stay for 40 years in the desert. 

On a very different note,yesterday was a milestone for me as I celebrated a different forty years, my 40th birthday.

What is a Birthday?

A Birthday is a day when we remember the day we were born, which was when G-d said you matter and are integral part of his master plan. It is a day to stop and remember why we are here and how we are doing with our life mission and goals, and think about how can we better ourselves and improve what we do for the world around us.

In the Ethics of our Fathers it states what has since become a famous quote, “Ben Arboim LeBinah”, “40 years is the age of wisdom”.

40… Read More »

The Fears and Hopes of Sending Kids Away to an Overnight Camp

CampAs summer approaches, so does day camp, overnight camp, slower paced life, vacations and more. For so many people, summer is a time to rejuvenate, refresh, spend quality time with family members and to do stuff that we might put aside the rest of the year.

Personally, while I love the constant vibrant lifestyle that we have throughout the year, and the constant  interactions, meetings, classes, programs and more, I do look forward to the summer months. It is a time when we can slow down, catch our breath, and focus a little extra on family, spend time planning another great year, and enjoy some uplifting and invigorating moments when life runs at a different pace, do extra learning and reading, and so much more.

One of the great but… Read More »

Memorial Day 2018 - Sudbury

Memorial Day Sudbury 2018.jpgThis week I was honored to stand with Sudbury's Veterans and their family members as well as hundreds of other Sudbury residents to mark Memorial Day as well as deliver a short Invocation.

Below is the text of the Invocation and the Remarks honoring the sacrifices of those who have enabled us to enjoy the freedoms we do in this country.

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen & Honored Veterans

Today we are here to honor the memory of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice while defending the USA and the freedoms and values that it represents. We remember those who perished throughout American History, including those who died in World War 1 & 2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and the War on Terror while defending this country, including… Read More »

Who Am I?

HalachicTimes.jpgIs the highlight of our week Monday morning when we get into the office and know that we have a week of work ahead of us, or is it Friday evening when we spend Shabbat with the family? Are Shabbat and the weekdays two mutually exclusive zones in our lives or is there a different way to look at them?


I know for myself, with life as busy as it is, there is no day I enjoy more than Shabbat when life slows down and has another focus. Friday night Shabbat Dinner is a treasure that my family cherishes, as seemingly nothing else exists and no outside pressures are on our head, other than the beauty of Shabbat and enjoying spending relaxing time with each other.

Shabbat is the day of the week that as a… Read More »

CTeen Israel & Final Event of the Year

20180506_200514.jpgThis past Sunday local teens enjoyed a great Israel themed CTeen event. The event included lots of fun activities, year end CTeen honors, a great presentation by two former IDF Lone soldiers who brought some cool gear too, letter writing to IDF Chayalim, a short Torah thought from Charlie Meyer, planning for next year CTeen and lots of fun as always.

Thank you to all of our great teens who made CTeen Sudbury so much fun this year and a huge thanks to our dedicated CTeen Sudbury Chapter Leader Chloe Meyer for all of her hard work and planning to help make this year a success.

A big thank you to Andrew Blank & Aaron Blank for coming in and telling their story and sharing meaningful anecdotes and experiences with all of us! Thank you… Read More »

Lessons from an encounter on a London Bus

dreamstime_xs_54431125.jpgGrowing up in London included many uniquely British experiences, which included things like seeing the Royal Family from time to time, visiting Harrods and not buying anything, and of course travelling on London’s Double Decker Red Buses.  When travelling on the buses it was always more fun sitting upstairs on the bus and especially in the front seat where you almost felt like you were the driver from twenty feet up. Of course having the Conductor going around and collecting tickets and issuing a little piece of paper from his machine that he wore around his neck was part of the experience and drama.

Even within London buses there were some buses that were just a lot more fun, as these buses had an open doorway at the back… Read More »

A Lesson in Healthy Profits

dreamstime_xs_47877967.jpgJudaism has Mitzvot and instructions that cover so many areas of our lives, and this week’s Torah reading highlights a whole range of such laws. These include laws from how we treat our workers and the poor, to how we treat our own body as in tattoos, self-harm, and more. It also includes laws about fair justice and about not showing favoritism in a legal system to either the wealthy and the powerful or to the poor and to those who have less means. It includes laws regarding agriculture and how we farm, how we plant and several laws concerning what we should do with our produce once we have harvested it. There is also mention in this week’s portion about social attitudes and not taking revenge or bearing a grudge and then of… Read More »

Overcoming Adversity, A Lesson from the Marathon, the Survivors & Israel

dreamstime_xs_85300273.jpgEarlier this week over 25,000 runners successfully completed an epic Marathon right here in Boston as they faced heavy downpours, headwinds and cold temperatures. As I sat with a relative on Sunday who had flown in from Jerusalem, Israel to run the Marathon, I was feeling terrible as I thought about the crazy weather they were going to have face the next day. Yet despite all the odds, 95% of these well trained people including our uncle, managed to successfully complete a grueling marathon.

The odds may not have seemed right, the conditions may have been crazy, and it may have been easier to just give in and not even bother. Yet that wasn’t what these people did, and instead they succeeded at making a challenging marathon be a… Read More »

Evening of Remembrance Draws Big Crowd for Three Powerful Firsthand Stories of Holocaust Survival

EOFR 1.jpgLast night we had an incredible and emotional evening as three individuals who survived the Holocaust as children shared their personal and personal stories, but who uplifted us at the same time with their strength and ability to rise from the ashes.

Well over a hundred people of all ages joined us last night at Chabad of Sudbury for an Evening of Remembrance and the firsthand stories of three child Holocaust survivors.

Thank you to Hadassa Kubat for sharing her own story as a young child in a Ghetto and a German labor camp in Minsk from which only a handful of Jews survived. Hadassa's memories and anecdotes were both amazing and inspiring at the same time. Hadassa then gifted to Chabad a beautiful painting of Jerusalem by… Read More »

Reflections on Never Again & The Unbreakable Spirit

 dreamstime_xs_37635901.jpgThis week the New York Times published an article which highlighted a new study which showed that knowledge of the Holocaust was falling dramatically in this country especially among millennials and younger people. This does not mean there is Holocaust denial, as that is very low in this country, but it does mean, a lack of knowledge of what happened and of the scope of appreciation for the millions of lives cut down as a result of hate.

This week, I also watched how in Israel, the country ground to a halt, as cars stopped in their tracks, people stood still, and all you could hear was the piercing siren across the country that called to remember the six million. On social media, I saw dozens of people share photos of… Read More »

The British are Coming!

IMG-20180403-WA0032.jpgThis week, our family took a trip with my British Parents to Battle Road Visitors Center in Lexington. While I had heard and read plenty about the American Revolution, it was a different learning experience actually being there. The story became alive and much more relevant as we viewed the exhibits, a well done multimedia show, and actually spent time walking along Battle Road while stopping at various historic landmarks where major events happened along the way.

The trip gave me a greater appreciation for the painful history of this stretch of road and of some earlier American history. Yet I realized as I left, that precisely since we did not just read about it, but instead actually experienced the learning in an interactive and… Read More »

No Place to Hate

20180327_115627.jpgThank you to Curtis Middle School and to the Sudbury School District for taking a firm stance against the recent racial graffiti incidents in the Middle School. I am sure that the overwhelming vast majority of students understand that this is not what we are about and this is not at all reflective of any problem with the values of our community, yet I was grateful to the Principal Jeff Mela and to Sudbury School Superintendent Ann Wilson, for making special assemblies to address these issues and to reinforce the message of One Curtis, tolerance and respect for others, and no place for hate.

I think all the messages shared by the administration and the 8th grade student leaders were very powerful and send a strong message about what… Read More »

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