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News Blog

News Blog

The latest news at the Chabad Center of Sudbury


In Memory of Bertha Sher

Bertha Sher.pngOn behalf of the Chabad Center of Sudbury I would like to extend our sincere condolences to the family of Bertha Sher (Bunya Bas Bluma & Binyomin Z"L) who passed away at age 95 this past Shabbos. Bertha was someone I would visit on many occasions and I greatly enjoyed the time I spent with her as well as the insights that she would share with me.

Bertha deeply respected her own parents and a lot of her values and attachment to Judaism she attributed to them. Bertha described her father who refused to work on Shabbos and how he would often lose his job on Friday’s due to his refusal to work on Shabbos.

Bertha also told me that during those years they suffered from terrible poverty, but they weren’t the only ones and… Read More »

Lag Baomer Report & Photos

lb171.jpgDespite heavy rain for most of the day, at 4:30pm right when the celebration was about to start, the rain stopped and a small trace of blue sky appeared. Dozens of children and adults enjoyed a great Lag Baomer celebration that included great food, an awesome BBQ, Horse & Pony Rides, and lots of Lag Baomer fun!

Special thanks to Jason Schwartz for his helping in setting up for the event, to Levi, Zalman and Mendel Freeman for their help, for Dan Perlov for manning the grill, for Sasha Litovchik for manning the fire, for the Lepsky's for the extra firewood, for Sveta Shvartzman for her help in preparing the food, and to Ridge House Stables for the great Horse & Pony Rides.

To see more pictures click… Read More »

Bar Mitzvah Boys BBQ & Escape Room Event

bbqbm.jpgA dozen post and pre Bar Mitzvah Middle School boys enjoyed an awesome Escape Room Activity which they just about succeeded in breaking out if, an awesome BBQ with tons of food, some sports, a meaningful discussion about the lessons learned from the Counting of the Omer, some Tefillin wrapping and lots of fun! For more pictures click here.

Asbestos & a Lesson in Tzaraat

 download (1).jpgA couple months ago we had a problem with a leak in our house which damaged a few walls and also ruined a carpet. This week we finally got around to having the carpet ripped up to install something new, only to discover that we had Asbestos tiles underneath the carpet. Some of the tiles started to crack as they pulled it up, so we called in an Asbestos Removal Company to take care of the situation. By the next day workers in Hazmat Suits were hard at work for several hours removing every last trace of the Asbestos. Finally when they were done, it was inspected and a Hygienist came to inspect everything to make sure that it was totally clean and that the air quality was completely safe.  

Ironically, the Torah portion this week… Read More »

Mazal Tov! We have a Certificate of Occupancy!


WhatsApp Image 2017-04-07 at 1.44.48 PM.jpegMazal Tov! Chabad of Sudbury received its long awaited Certificate of Occupancy today (a temporary one) allowing us to celebrate the Holiday of Passover in the new building.

We are very excited about this new development and will share more details in the coming days. Thank you to everyone who has helped us get to this stage. Additionally the Parking Lot has been completely redone this week and will be finished in the next hour or two. 

The timing couldn't be better as Passover is right around the corner and we will celebrate the holiday of liberation and freedom in the new building.

Additionally, today marks the date of birth of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Schnersohn, which has been marked by every President… Read More »

Light up the World!

Menorah 2Tomorrow evening we will begin the beautiful celebration of Chanukah, one of the most special and happy Jewish holidays in the Jewish Calendar. Chanukah is a time when we kindle the lights of the Menorah and remember the miracle of the oil that lasted eight days and the battle of the Macabbees against the Greeks when the few won the many.

The Menorah is traditionally kindled in the evening, a time when the glow of the flames will illuminate the world around it. The famous Jewish saying that "a little light dispels a lot of darkness", is true all year round, but perhaps especially true as we light the Menorah. The beautiful lights of the Menorah and the eternal message of G-d's protection of the Jewish people, of the bravery of… Read More »

Mazal Tov Bob Dylan!


Bob Dylan.jpgMazal Tov to Bob Dylan on receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature, he has just become the first song writer to receive this particular Nobel Prize. Bob, was born as Robert Allen Zimmerman (Hebrew nameשבתאי זיסל בן אברהם Shabtai Zisl ben Avraham and is a proud Jew and as an aside  he loves Chabad, which is also where he likes to pray on Yom Kippur.

Honestly, I don’t know a whole lot about his music, but in discussions with several people and in reading up about his style, it would seem, that a lot of his music contained Poetic Lyrics with messages about life, some more obvious and some more abstract. It would seem that it was this style of music that helped him win the Nobel Prize, as the commission wrote about him… Read More »

Building a Moral Compass

CareIn a world where we are overloaded with info, news, ideas, conversations, gossip and so much more, do we just sit back and absorb it all, or do we exercise a degree of choice in what we choose to absorb and expose ourselves to?

Is every conversation a good thing, or is gossip and slander not a good choice? What about food, there are untold amounts of choices for every food possible, there are Kosher options and non-Kosher options, there is over indulgence and there is healthy eating, there are eating choices that factor in the environment and ones that do not. Do we just take it all or do we choose what is right?

Guards at your Gates

In this week's Torah portion of Shoftim, it states in the beginning that "you must appoint… Read More »

Back to School & Learning

 Torah ClassesIt is that time of year, the kids are all going back to school, Hebrew School is about to begin, and Elul, the final month of the Jewish Calendar year is about to start. 

The kids are excited for another year of learning and are busy making sure that they have all their supplies in their backpacks. They are curious as to who their new teachers will be and what kind of academics that they will be exposed to.  

We the adults are left watching in awe at the exciting moments of our children, as they celebrate moving into 2nd grade, Middle School, High School or college. We wishfully think back in our minds to our own youth, and remember our parents taking us into the school for the first time, boarding the school bus, or… Read More »

The Value of a Detail

 Mariner 1.jpgIn 1962 the American  Mariner Program  sent its first spacecraft out on a mission to do a planetary flyby of Venus . It cost $18.5 million, a huge sum at the time, and was launched aboard an Atlas-Agena the rocket responded improperly to commands from the  guidance systems on the ground, setting the stage for an apparent software-related guidance system failure and it was ordered to do a destructive abort 294.5 seconds after launch.

Why did it fail?

One of the main reasons for the failure was that there was an error in a hand-transcription of a mathematical symbol in the guidance system, in particular a missing overbar The error had occurred when a symbol was being… Read More »

Blog Posts from Visit to Israel

Dear Friends,

20160818_113610.jpgLast week from Thursday through Sunday night, I spent four crazy busy and hectic days in Israel while on a visit to my cousin’s beautiful wedding. While it was a short visit in terms of the amount of time I spent there, it was rich in experiences and special moments.

Below I will share a few anecdotes and highlights from the visit which I hope you will enjoy.

The trip itself didn’t go all as planned, with my connecting flight to Philadelphia to get to London getting delayed and me being put on a direct flight to London. Sounds good right? Well my luggage got lost somewhere and is currently still floating around the airports of Europe.

Arrival in England was great and it was good to be back to the place where I… Read More »

Visit to Victims of Terror

IMG-20160821-WA0040.jpgThis past Sunday while on a visit to Israel, I spent the day visiting victims of terror and their family members along with Rabbi Menachem Kutner of the Chabad Terror Victims Project. It was a very moving and emotion filled day as I met people who live with the pain of the cruel sudden loss of a loved one and people bearing and carrying physical and emotional scars long after the events happened.

Thanks to generous people in our own community, we were able to take along some gifts and help with some assistance when needed.  Some people we visited just to send a message of solidarity and care and some it was to provide assistance or help.

We started out with a visit to a lady in Jerusalem who lost a child in a suicide IMG-20160821-WA0032.jpgbombing quite a… Read More »

A Life Lesson from a Broken Alternator

 American_Automobile_Association_logo.svg.pngLast Friday while driving to Sudbury after a visit to Cape Cod, the red battery light went on and the odometer went down to 0 mph despite the fact that I was going at least 60 mph. In seconds, all the other dials and lights in the car were flashing or flying all over the place and it was obvious that we have a problem so we pulled into a service station in North Pembroke.

As we waited for Triple AAA to arrive I explained to my kids that besides the fact that we have a mechanical problem,  the fact that we ended up in this specific place as part of our journey must be for a reason, and as a result we should do something good and meaningful while we are hanging out. We then studied something together and made alternative plans… Read More »

Four Life Lessons I Learned on a Whale Watch

20160728_150823(0)_resized.jpgYesterday, our family took a boat trip thirty miles out into the Atlantic Ocean to the Stellwagen Bank just off the coast of Cape Cod. The purpose of the trip was to hopefully see some whales and some of the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean.

It was a very different kind of activity than the usual, and far away from the nonstop political campaigning that is dominating our nation’s news and conversations over the last two weeks.

As we went further out to sea, the stifling humidity of Provincetown was replaced by a brisk ocean breeze and occasionally some salty ocean spray. About fifty minutes out to sea, we spotted our first whale and over the next hour or so we sighted dozens of massive humpback and fin whales.

Watching these massive… Read More »

A Life Lesson from a big Anti Semite

Map_wide.jpgAnti-Semitism and people propagating their hate for Jews is quite an old phenomenon. In fact this form of hatred has actually existed for thousands of years including in an episode that is recounted in this week’s Torah portion.

The Torah describes the dramatic story of the prophet Bilam from the Midiaanite nation, who attempted unsuccessfully to spiritually curse the Jewish people. Bilam’s cursing services had been commissioned by Balak who was the king of the neighboring kingdom of Moab who feared the Jews and their vast numbers. Balak was afraid after seeing them vanquish several powerful nations who had attacked them, and worried that the Jews would easily overpower his nation, despite knowing that the Jews were not… Read More »

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